Vengher Mihaela

Mihaela born in Galati Romania in 1989.

She started to sculpt in clay in 2017, the first time when aproached to sculpture and started as a selftaught, continuing exploration with mediums.

Art has never been a priority, because it has never thought of this as a form of work in the sector. Because she graduated from a technological high school with a mathematical-computer profile, in her natal citi Galati/ Romania, and she never had the time to go deeper into this subject of art even though she made drawings and paintings in her spare time, and studied the great masters of the past and read books about art, educating herself, more as a form of relaxation from the too difficult subjects of the school.
In 2007 she moved to Italy, where a few years later she began qualifying as a dental technician and paramedic.
At the age of 28, she discovers tutorial videos on YouTube, a creative note in the Italian handmade community. She had never thought she could be able to sculpt something, but she started out for fun and curiosity, a characteristic that distinguishes her.

All this explores her more and more passionately and begins to deepen this subject more and more.
In March 2019 she decides to move on to the next step and takes hers first sculpture classes (online), trying to grow as an artist and skill.
Since she started in 2017 she has had exponential growth as an artist.